Straight holder /L-shaped holder

Straight holder



Mainly used for attaching holder with BS horn of stationery spot welding machine.











Material Outside diametr Length Taper
Cu Φ25 150~300mm(50mm Pitch) various
Cu Φ32 200mm、250mm various


L-shaped holder



Principally the usage of this is the same with straight holder but this is used when the shape of the work
prevent good connect between electrode and the work (welding object)
Our varieties are 3 kinds in eccentric length, 2 kinds in degree and 2 kinds in attaching diameter to match with condition.


Tip taper degree are 2 kinds of 90′ & 1 5″ .
Grip parts are 2 kinds Φ 25 & Φ 32.
* Because this is eccentric product. please use at lower than 2.45KN (250 kgf) on welding pressure.