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From Welding Electrode Specialized Maker, Expanding our activity to develop for various peripheral apparatus of Electrode Products as General Supply Maker.


We, SHINKOKIKI Co.,Ltd.,  have established  in 1974, as a main puropose for the development of various automatic equipments , so as to meet the strong request of automobile and precision industry fields , electricity & welding  industry fields.
Thereafter, we have started the manufacture of “ Nut automatic Supply Apparatus”, “Electrode for Resistance Welding ( Spot Welding ) “and have developed to all-in-one supply general maker from development/design, purchasing,
manufacturing process, Business, Sales and Market in our own company.
In the Welding industrial fields, We have stood our position as one of top class makers of the reputation for trustworthy company to solve immediately welding problems.
At present, we are supplying our products, not only automobile industries and precision equipment industries but also various industrial fields such as, house furniture, gas and electricity industries and are playing a part of their manufacturing products.
We are recently developing, as the Electrode related General maker, to supply Electrode for arc welding and peripheral equipment.
The Corporate Motto of Shinkikiki Co.,Ltd. Is 「 Dream, Vitality, Trust, Calmness, Respect to each other and Love one another to make the best use of all members 」.
All members of our company kept deeply this Corporate Motto in their minds , together with our customer, are walking in to the new light.


■ Corporate Philosophy

What we live for. For what we are here together.
Shinkokiki thinks with employees  about a spirit of the root , we live togeher with society and pursue the continuous persistence and the development of a company, and we must be a group which can challenge for the future and grow up.


■ Management Philosophy

1. We try to be a company which is trustworthy by society and comply the compliance 
2. We contribute to each local development and development of each industry through community-based company activities.
3. We control the abuse of resources and try  “the manufacturing”  that is kind to the global environment.
4. To provide to research and development, we provide new technology products and services from user`s perspective all the time.
5. Each employee concentrates an inventive idea and makes corporate cultures with honesty and passion.
6. We achieve  a strong relationship for co-existence and co-prosperity, and long term relationship with affilietes.