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FC Tip

Review the Tip structure and improve the electricity supply. Also, realization
FC Tip


New product M Nozzle, MN-S73G, Zinc-plating spatter countermeasure dedicated

Liquid X

Only the using person can knows An epoch-making spatter adhesion prevention age

Wire three point Straighter

Wire three point Straighter       Function/Use I

GF liner

GF liner   Features/Use As Primary Side Conduit Applicatio


Guide Pin from composite materials of Saiminasu and Steel.No BreakageStainless s

PC tip changer PCA-21

Cap tip automatic changer apparatus ATC " PC tip changer " The original cap ti

Washer Tester Pressure Judge

Set-up Failure Judgement Equipment Washer Tester Pressure Judge   It is

Miss cut series Set-up Failure Judgement Equipment Mr.X003

Mr.X003 Function: This machine is for detect indication of hight difference of

PC Tester Setup Failure Judgment Apparatus

PC Nut & Bolt Testerhe apparatus to protect welding defect by setup failure

special material

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NBC Processing

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