Environmental Initiatives

■ Environmental Initiatives

Through company activities, regardless of company scale, it always occur  influences to global environment.
Companies must work with sense of duty actively for this wonderful global environment is taken over to the future. We promote company activity in consideration for the global environment through a product called an electrode for welding.


■ Environmental Policy

1. We follow the observance of the compliance basics,  and observe the requirements from the outside.
2. Our efforts task assumes it the following and sets an objective and a goal.

・Try for saving energy (electricity, gas, water, etc.), and we will work to prevent global warming.
・We prevent the abuse of resources and efforts to reduce supplies.
・We work on reduction of the industrial waste.
・We work on product development in consideration for environment.
・Through the sales activities, we will work on product sale in consideration for global environment.

Ecology3. For all employees, we plan improvement of the consciousness about the environment through well-understanding thorough environmental policy and publicity work such as enlightenment activity.
4. We announce widely to the society by website.