Privacy policy

About the treatment of personal information

 SHINKOKIKI Co., Ltd.  ( hereafter We) may retain to provide personal or confidential information through our Website. These data will be used for the sole purpose of customer’s confirmation or for the shipping method of our products with certain service improvement. We do not use the information for any other purpose. We will not disclose personal or confidential data provided by a customer to other companies or individual without consent.
We are always made well known to all of our directors and employees and will do everything possible to safeguard any personal or confidential data given to us by customers as below mentioned articles , as a basis of personal privacy protection.

1. We will use solely to reply to customer’s request obtained from customer’s  any personal or confidential data. Also, we will do everything possible to safeguard to use solely service required by customer with the protection of access restriction of personal information and the usage expiration date.

2. We will keep in mind the importance of personal information and will do everything possible to protection of illegal access, missing, destruction, falsification, leakage etc. and lecture of its correction .

3.We will establish a responsible person to treat personal information and will respond to amendment , correction, or any other request of personal information.

4. We will keep to fulfill the law for the personal  information protection, the guideline decided by the nation, various regulation and internal rule and also will keep continuous improvement of internal rule and internal organization .

5. Regarding the personal information which we retained in our company, we will fulfill  the law of personal information and other regulation for the data.  We will amend each article corresponding to the change of the law etc. accordingly.