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PC Tester Setup Failure Judgment Apparatus

PC Nut & Bolt Testerhe apparatus to protect welding defect by setup failure...


Guide Pin from composite materials of Saiminasu and Steel.No BreakageStainless s...

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FC Tip [FX-HV series]

Ideal for middle - high current welding conditions !! Suppresses tributary at th...

Electrode Parts for Spot Welding MachineMore

New carrying! SW Shank (Static Water Shank)

Application The shank having the same static water function as other shank, for...

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TRM(Drilling Machine Type Dresser)

 Tip Recycled Machine Model  TRM  Patent applied One Set Product of Dresser Head...

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Bolt automatic feeder equipment ( F type bolt feeder )

Spec Outside demension 580(D)×430(W)×1200(H) mm Hopper volume 12ℓ Power source A...

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Robot wire cutter

Tamakiri Option・Slide Cover/Specification with LS・Slid Cover/Specification with...

Peripheral Equipment for Resistance WeldingMore

Detachable cap tip

Use Detachable of cap tip ( electrode for welding ) Eagle's nail ■ Specification...

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Miss cut series Set-up Failure Judgement Equipment Mr.X003

Mr.X003 Function: This machine is for detect indication of hight difference of b...



Liquid X

Only the using person can knows An epoch-making spatter adhesion prevention agen...
Liquid X