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FC Tip

Review the Tip structure and improve the electricity supply. Also, realization o...

Wire three point Straighter

Wire three point Straighter       Function/Use It is maintained t...

Electrode for WeldingMore

Arc Welding PartsMore

Nozzle cleaner

Beauiful Yatter Man 2 ( Cooling Water Combination Type)   Function/Use Removal o...

Electrode Parts for Spot Welding MachineMore

Robosai ( Saiminasu pin for robot)

Guide pin for weld nut of combined type of ceramic and stainless steel.When  the...

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Cap tip recycle apparatus Cappy

Cap tip recycle apparatusCappy (WOD-4U)This is regrinding apparatus for a used c...

Nut Automatic Supply EquipmentMore


SpecOutside dimension450(D)×450(W)×1735(H) mmHopper volume12ℓ or 8ℓ※Power source...

Peripheral Equipment for Arc WeldingMore

Robot wire cutter

Tamakiri Option・Slide Cover/Specification with LS・Slid Cover/Specification with...

Peripheral Equipment for Resistance WeldingMore

PC tip changer PCA-21

Cap tip automatic changer apparatus ATC " PC tip changer " The original cap tip...

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Washer Tester Pressure Judge

Set-up Failure Judgement Equipment Washer Tester Pressure Judge   It is pos...



Liquid X

Only the using person can knows An epoch-making spatter adhesion prevention agen...