Employment Information

Recruit Information for new guraduate

We have separate each course of “Sales”, “Production”, “Office work”.
Please apply with your selection of business content of each course.
※ Our companies are holding a company explanatory meeting at any time from March 1.
    Please even inquire of the following the detailed contents about participation.

Carrier Recruit Information

We have many work content only avilable in SHINKOKIKI .
Please make use of your cultivated sufficient experience in our company.

Recruit Information of handicapped person

SHINKOKIKI have atomospher of non-handicapped person and handicapped person without distinction.
Why don’t you try your ability in our company ?

( When application, please check the work content carefully .)

※ Please contact to human Resources Department for the application about above work content and application.

Human Resources Department  TEL: +81-52-504-5150  FAX: +81-52-504-5158