Yellow Head / Red Cylinder

Nut Automatic Supply Machine
 Yellow Head / Red Cylinder

※ Applicable nut size = M4~M12 square nut (outer pawl)

■ Features

Protection of a nut scattering.
The gun drilling process of the hole of the integrated structure head and the inside head are improved stright forwardness and wear resistance .
Due to cylinder with magnet, auto switch can be used.


Yellow Head

In the base of magnet board , uneven processing is made corresponding to projection.
By this treatment, nut’s standbay state becomes in the vertical condition and the nut supply  rate is improved.

The inside of a yellow head


Left side:Conventional article・Oblique
Right side:New product・Verticality


Supply head for a nut with collar

As the semicircular arcuate convex surface process fitted the hexagonal portion and collar diameter is applied to the nut receiving plate, the stability of the waiting posture of a nut is increased.

Inside of supply head for a nut with collar