Miss cut series Set-up Failure Judgement Equipment Mr.X003



This machine is for detect indication of hight difference of bolt, nut to measure and guard the moving distance of upper electrode.


It is easy installation to the head of the welding machine.
Your currently using elecrode can be used.
It is possible for the zero point adjustment by one-touch action.
The guard is made for the movable distance of the upper electrode.
High precision controller of measurement range ±0.4 mm.
Operation distance : 45mm


Outside dimension:
69.5(W)×46(D)×412(H) mm

Including attachment bracket dimension
153(W)×279(D)×412(H) mm



Attachment image

Example for set-up failure judgment against resistance welding spot machine
1. Nut double stack
2. Nut size difference
3. Without work
4. Washer double stack
5. Washer projection abnormal
6. Without collar